ceramics - BA Hons (Harrow)
The work I make has references to ancient artefacts and myths whilst also making connections to the landscape. The forms are made using mostly slab-building techniques although I have a broad base of techniques including throwing, gained from my degree in ceramics at Harrow. I have worked with different clays including paper clay, terracotta, black clay and porcelain. In my one off pieces I carefully combine layers of oxide, slip and glaze to build up a depth of colour reminiscent of weathered and aged surfaces. 
Boat and Vessel Forms

Ceramic vessel, sculpture by Amanda Rachel Toms

Ceramics never ceases to fascinate me its such a complex mixture of art, craft, raw materials, heat and alchemy. I love the excitement of exploring, testing, developing and designing new work.

Tree Theme This is a subject that I have researched and returned to several times being fascinated by trees in the landscape, how they show the changing seasons and the passing of time. The tree of Life is of course a universal and important symbol for many different cultures, often appearing in traditional crafts around the world. When teaching art and ceramics at North London Collegiate School we created a large outdoor ceramic mural, in lessons the pupils researched different cultures and ceramic traditions then designed and made their own individual tiles for the mural. The project took several years to complete and involved Yr 6 and kS3 pupils this project was funded by the P.T.A to celebrate 150yrs of girls education at the school. 

Tree of Life sculpture by Amanda Rachel Toms
            Tree with vessel 2015 ceramic, gold leaf and brazed metal. 

My hand-built ceramics are regularly shown at Yarmouth Gallery on the Isle of Wight please take a look at my News/ Events pages for what's current or follow the link below to the Yarmouth gallery website.    http://www.yarmouthgallery.com

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