ceramics - BA Hons (Harrow)
Employing both throwing and hand-building techniques, the work has many references. With a narrative rooted by an intimate knowledge of the coastline. Sculptural Boat forms and lidded boxes are slab-built, bottles and vases are thrown and altered to include areas of added textural interest. There is a fascination with layers and edges created by erosion and the points at which different materials overlap and meet. Born on the Isle of Wight in 1970 and currently living and working in Hertfordshire near the chalk landscape of the Chilterns. The work is made with different clays including paper clay, terracotta, black clay and porcelain. In my one off pieces I carefully combine layers of clays, oxide, slip and glaze to build up a depth of colour and texture reminiscent of weathered and aged surfaces from the landscape, boats left to the elements and ancient artefacts.
Boat and Vessel Forms

Ceramic vessel, sculpture by Amanda Rachel TomsThe process never ceases to fascinate me such a complex mixture of art, craft, raw materials, heat and alchemy. I love the excitement of exploring, testing, developing and designing new work and becoming familiar with the essential elements of a form. through repetition. 
Boxes by Amanda Rachel Toms 2018

My ceramics are regularly shown at Yarmouth Gallery on the Isle of Wight please take a look at my News/ Events pages for other current exhibitions.
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