ceramics - BA Hons (Harrow)
The work I make has references to ancient artefacts and myths whilst also making connections to the landscape. The forms are made using mostly slab-building although I have a broad base of techniques including throwing, gained from my degree in ceramics at Harrow. I have worked with different clays including paper clay, terracotta, black clay and porcelain. In my one off pieces I carefully combine layers of oxide, slip and glaze to build up a depth of colour reminiscent of weathered and aged surfaces. 
Boat and Vessel Forms

Ceramic vessel, sculpture by Amanda Rachel TomsCeramics never ceases to fascinate me its such a complex mixture of art, craft, raw materials, heat and alchemy. I love the excitement of exploring, testing, developing and designing new work.

Boxes by Amanda Rachel Toms 2018
My hand-built ceramics are regularly shown at Yarmouth Gallery on the Isle of Wight please take a look at my News/ Events pages for what's current or follow the link below to the Yarmouth gallery website.    http://www.yarmouthgallery.com

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