Ceramic Artist - Projects
ceramics - BA Hons (Harrow)
Tree Theme This is a subject that I have researched and returned to several times including a garden installation, at Cassie's Garden Gallery in 1997. Trees are rich in symbolism showing the changing seasons and the passing of time. The tree of Life is a universal and important symbol for many different cultures, often appearing in traditional crafts around the world.
Teaching art and ceramics at North London Collegiate School I lead a mural project. Creating a permanent large outdoor ceramic mural, in lessons the pupils looked at different cultures and ceramic traditions designing and making their own individual tiles for the mural. The project took several years to complete and involved Yr 6 and kS3 pupils this project was funded by the parents association to celebrate 150yrs of girls education at the school.

I have experience in organising pottery workshops, drop-in pottery for events at craft markets, schools, clay making activities or painting bisque pottery (kiln fired) with pottery returned glazed within two/three weeks. Please e-mail with details of your venue/event and I can send you more information. I have qualified teacher status, C.R.B checked and public liability insurance.

        [email protected]         Mobile: 07917 362 337
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